In 2011, life went to the dogs. 

While browsing the back room of a Palm Beach thrift shop, I fell in love with a porcelain toilet brush holder cleverly disguised as a Staffordshire Spaniel. Potty humor aside, the imposter's whimsical smirk and stiff upper lip sparked my affection for the Victorian-era figurines and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breed that inspired their production.  

Assuming his new place on the mantel, the previous canine keeper of the commode became known in our household as "the uppity puppy." 

After two and a half years of serene, yet stoic Staffordshire dog-ownership, our pack was brought to life by another Spaniel. 

The serendipity that brought us September's Lily prompted me to first share our story through this blog. Ever since life went to the dogs, our style, decor, and travel experiences have only become more enjoyable with canine companionship.

I wish the same to all of our readers, and invite you to join us in our affinity for style, decor, travel ... and of course, dogs.  

- Lacelliese King, Official Pooper-Scooper