If You Have A Dog, Every Day Is National Dog Day

August 26 is National Dog Day. Paws to honor the dog in your life.  

If, like us, you've been wondering why the humans of the world don't have the day off in observance of this widely-celebrated national holiday, we're about to let you in on a little secret: the inventor of National Dog Day was probably a dog. And because the whole thing is probably just a coverup to hide the fact that every dog has its day — every single day — as long as you have a dog, you'll never have the day off.

Don't believe us? Here are six things that prove that if you have a dog, every day is National Dog Day: 

The Uppity Puppy - National Dog Day

1. Your bed is no longer "your" bed.

Same goes for the pillows. And they would prefer 50000-thread count sheets, if you'd please. 


2. Your house is never clean . . . just "clean enough." 

And as soon as you do clean, there WILL be dog hair tumbleweeds by high noon. 

The Uppity Puppy - National Dog Day

3. You never do anything alone. Including go to the bathroom. 

You know, just checking to make sure everything's coming out ok. 


4. And you never go anywhere alone, including on vacation. 

Pack plennnnty of poop bags. 

The Uppity Puppy - National Dog Day

4. You only hang out with their friends.

At least they know how to paw-ty.  


5. You're expected to share everything, especially your food. 

Remember what it was like to eat a meal without being under constant surveillance? No, you don't. What's yours is theirs. 

The Uppity Puppy - National Dog Day

6. They walk (and lay) all over you, and you wouldn't have it any other way. 

Happy National Dog Day from The Uppity Puppy!